Weddings (Backup before changes)

If a picture paints a thousand words – a film must paint a thousand pictures.


Your wedding day is so fleeting. While photographs are beautiful moments frozen in time, film gives life to the moments between the camera flashes. Weddings are over in a blink of an eye but film allows you to see, hear, feel, experience and remember your day for ever. That first kiss, the way a person laughed, the sound of their voice, that “hilarious” joke your in-laws made and most importantly, how you two put Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey to absolute shame with your first dance.


It’s that one day that you want time to stand still and the one day that passes by all too quickly. An occasion as momentous as your wedding day deserves a beautiful film to help you remember it. You will make some pretty big promises on your wedding day but one thing we will promise you is that you will never regret having a wedding film made.


It’s sweet and it’s short! It’s also really affordable. This package will cover arguably the most important part of your day – the ceremony. So if you’re on a tight budget but still want the magic of your special day on film then this is a way to do both. You can have a bespoke short film that will let you remember all the emotion and joy of your ceremony as well as the fun and theatrics of your photo shoot.

3 minute highlight film

Licensed music (1 song)

1 shooter using 2 professional DSLRs

3 hours coverage of ceremony & photoshoot

Phone consultation

Halcyon days are days that were happy and carefree. The Halcyon is also a mythical seabird that charms the wind and waves into calm. You will get an awesome little film of your wedding day perfect for sharing with friends and family. We also secretly hope that one day this film will fly to your rescue at a moment of need, subduing the storm and bringing back all the joy and love of your wedding day.

3-5 minute highlight film

Licensed music (1 song)

6 hours coverage

2 shooters using 2 professional DSLR cameras

Consultation and walkthrough meeting

4hrs free travel time

Want to get Reely Romantic? Our Reel Romance film is usually a bit of tear jerker – best enjoyed snuggled on the couch as a prequel or sequel to your couples movie night.


Are you writing your own vowels? Or thinking to add a personal narrative? Or love the idea of having some of the best speeches woven into your film? Then the popular Reel Romance Package is for you.

8-10 minute short film

Licensed music (2 songs)

Studio quality partial audio recordings from ceremony and speeches

8hrs coverage

2 shooters using 3 professional DSLR cameras

Consultation and walkthrough meeting

4 hours free travel time

If you want it all, this package is the ultimate way to re-experience your day. With both a short and a feature length film, this package captures your whole wedding day. The truest expression of the advantages of the filmic medium, this package allows you to remember, to the smallest detail, exactly what your wedding day was like and how it felt.


This is the big one and the one way to ensure you will have (almost) all of your wedding with you for eternity.

3 minute film PLUS:

A feature film (30 - 60 min) of the whole day (music choices available)

Studio quality audio recording of full ceremony and speeches

10 hours coverage

2 shooters using 3 professional DSLR cameras

Consultation and walkthrough meeting

4 hours free travel time

Narrative - add a personal story to your film (interview with couple)

Raw footage of speeches synced to audio

Raw footage of ceremony synced to audio

Raw footage of speeches & ceremony synced to audio

Frequently Asked Questions

We aren’t sure if we (and our guests) will feel intimidated having a film crew at our wedding?

We are super nice, quiet and aware of personal space. We take the approach of witnessing, preferring to capture your day as it naturally unfolds. We will do what ever it takes to get the best shots for your film but also try to be as unobtrusive as possible. We don’t want to turn your wedding day into a Hollywood film set.

What do you shoot on?

We work with only the highest quality equipment. Our films are shot with Canon’s professional range of DSLR cameras and a big selection of amazing lenses. Our audio is recorded on Roland’s studio quality sound capture devices and Rode mics. We edit and master our videos in our production studio in the Blue Mountains.

How do we receive our film?

You will receive your wedding package in a personalised box with a custom USB. We love our packaging and am sure you will too. You will also be given a link to the online version of your highlight film so that you can share your day easily with your friends and family.

Can we negotiate our own wedding package?

Of course, all of our packages are flexible. Just contact us with exactly what you would like and we’ll send you a quote.

What time do you start?

We work the allotted hours from whatever time you would like us to start.

Can we pick our own music?

You can absolutely help us pick your perfect song just get in contact and we will let you know how. If you want us to pick your music for you we will search high and low for that perfect song – once the film has been edited to a particular song we cannot re-edit to different music. We use only licensed music as we don’t want to get sued.

What are the travel costs?

Our policy is that we will shoot any wedding within a 100km (or 2 hours) travel radius from our studio – free of any travel costs (excluding the Sweet Short package). This includes the entire Sydney area (South coast as far as Wollongong, North coast as far Gosford), Blue Mountains region and Bathurst/Orange region. Travel costs to locations outside this area are $50 per hour.

When do you charge for accomodation and how much would it cost?

If we have to travel more than 2 hours we will probably have to stay overnight. This will be based on price of available accommodation and is usually around $150.

What’s it like owning a Husky?

Husky life is continuously unexpected, full of cuddles and lots and lots of walking! Chief is a patient play mate to our daughter, a very efficient vacuum and a great listener.

We want you to stay longer than the included hours in our package.

Totally fine, we charge a per hour fee of $200.